Neo 6

The tunes are composed and arranged by Johannes Nästesjö. Neo delivers jazz with strong Nordic roots, spiced up with a mixture of classical music, free form and fusion. The music is positive and melancholy at the same time. The arrangements shift sharply between arranged and free parts. Virtuoso elements blend with dreamlike harmonies. NEO has a unique band sound that steams from the unusual jazz instrumentation of double bass, violin, saxophone and battery. The music is custom-made to fit the musicians, including a suite of four tunes, one for every band member.

Neo consists of four strong individuals that together make up an even stronger musical collective. Johannes Nästesjö: double bass, Stefan Pöntinen: violin, Peter Nilsson (replaced Michala Østergaard-Nielsen in august 2012): drums/percussion/glockenspiel, Marcelo Gabard Pazos: alto- and baritone saxofon

Neo´s debut album were very well received with outstanding reviews. Neo also got nominated for the best jazzalbum at Manifestgalan 2011.


“The so-called NEO Suite is the highlight of the record. The tip-tapping ”Denmark”, the soothing violin-filled ”Ingermanland”, the rough ”Kansas”, where the violin and Marcelo Gabard Pazos’baritone saxophone weave intricate patterns, and the final piece ”Uruguay”, where predetermined art music is released into free excursions, and a sad duet between alto saxophone and violin. This is where the arrangements of composer and bass player Johannes Nästesjö really shine.”                                                            

Magnus Nygren (sound of music )


His bass playing naturally finds the important common denominators, and composition-wise, every ingredient serves its purpose.”  

Johannes Cornell; Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s most influential newspaper)