Johannes Nästesjö recently released his first solo-recording called Rooftop Promenade. It´s the result of more then 5 years of conscious practicing where Johannes has been capturing the whole practicing process and made it personal. A little bit like a scientist, he has been creating new ideas/double bass techniques by the small mistakes that happens when practicing.


Rooftop Promenade 2-1

Johannes Nästesjö, Solo concert at Robadors 23, Barcelona. July 19th 2018.

Johannes Nästesjö,  solo concert at Cruce, Centro de Arte y Pensamiento Contemporánea, Madrid/Spain. 20140307


From Johannes Nästesjö`s soloconcert in Barcelona at Robadords 23. 20130401

From Johannes Nästesjö`s soloconcert in Paris at the galerie les 26 Chaises, Barbés in 20130206


From Johannes Nästesjö`s soloconcert in New York On the way out- Music from the New York underground, Freddies Bar in Brooklyn, 20110426



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