Nästesjö/Chant/Trilla trio (NCT)


Nästesjö/Chant/Trilla trio is a new interesting impro trio from Sweden/England/Spain. Johannes Nästesjö – double bass, Tom Chant – saxophones & Vasco Trilla – drums & percussion.
A little bit more then one year ago the three members of  the NCT trio met in Barcelona. Since then they have given more than 30 concerts together in different combinations all over spain.
Their musical-language is filled with non-conventional techniques that create a balance between tention and non-tention.  No matter if they play incredibly soft or violently loud, the musical focus and the energy is always there.
The three members of the trio frequently play all over Europe and have played with groups/muscians like Agustí Fernández, Evan Parker, John Butcher, the Cinematic Orcehestra, Joe Morris and Ramon Lopez to mention a few.

NCT featuring Ove Volquarts, live at Robadors:

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/johannes-n-stesj/nastesjochanttrillavolquarts-live-at-robadors

Chant Trilla duo:


Chant Nästejsö duo:


Nästesjö solo:


Nästesjö/Chant/Egea trio:



Tom Chant has played at major festivals like North Sea Jazz, Montreux, Sonar, Vancouver Jazz, Ulrichsberg Kalaidaphon, Fuji Rock, Only Connect at London’s Barbican Hall, Ether and the LMC festival at London’s South Bank Centre and at the Pompidou Centre, Paris. With the Cinematic Orchestra he has recorded the albums “Motion,” “Remixes,” “Everyday” and “Man with a Movie Camera” for Ninja Tune and with the Eddie Prévost Trio, he has recorded the albums “Touch,” “the Virtue in If” and “the Blackbird’s Whistle” for Eddie’s label Matchless Recordings. He has worked with internationally renown artists Bernard Purdey, Fontella Bass, Sunny Murray, Toshimaru Nakamura and Gerry Hemingway and with many London, Paris and Barcelona based improvisers like the London Improvisers Orchestra which includes the likes of Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Butcher and many more.


Johannes Nästesjö works within the genre of modern jazz, improvised and contemporary music as a professional double-bass player and teacher. He has for the last years toured frequently in several different countries in Europe, as well as Vietnam, Gambia, Mali and USA and has appeared on over 20 recordings. During the last years he has been working with, Agustí Fernández, Joe Morris, Ramon Lopez, Marco Mesquida, Ramon Prats, Albert Cirera, Peter Nilsson, Hans Nyman, Mikael Sörensen  and many more.


Vasco Trilla, a drummer, percussionist and improviser born and bred in Barcelona, Currently, he is very active in the free-improv scene, where he aims to apply non-conventional techniques to the kit. He has played around Europe with different projects and has released more than twenty records. He has played with various musicians  and bands such as, October Equus, Yedo Gibson, Rafal Mazur, Marshall Allen, Kaulakau, Cobla Sant Jordi, Tom Chant, Luc Ex, Planeta Imaginario, Filthy Habits Ensemble, Carlos Zingaro, Paulo Chagas, Nuno Rebelo, Boi Akih, Michal Dymny, Pablo Rega among others.



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