Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre on tour part 2….





Now I´m back from a great tour in Denmark and Germany with Håkon Berre – drums & Sture Ericson – Saxophone! Thank you everybody at ILK, Hannes Schreiber & Dortmund, KLANK & Oldenburg and Bremen, Fat Jazz in Hamburg and Joachim Lipfert & CVJM in Lübeck!! Here is a link to a video documentation from Dortmund: 

live presspic uten bilde_ver2_lowres

Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre Live in Oldenburg


Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre in Bremen outside Lila Eule where the famous recording Machine Gun was done at 1968 with Peter Brötzmann.


Photo exhibition at Sala Felix, Barcelona.

I´ve just found out that the great Jazz photographer Joan Cortès Benages has an exhibition at Sala Felix in Barcelona and that I have the great honour to be on the wall between  Agustí Fernández & El Pricto:-)

Fotoutsällning barcelona