Happy New Year!

Happy New 2014 and thank you 2013! It´s been an amazing year with a lot of traveling & playing. 2013 has been the year when I established two homes, one in Malmö/Sweden and one in Barcelona. I spend 6 months in each and really enjoyed both. Even if I only released one record this year it´s been the year when I broke my record in the studio. I have 9 recordings one queue. Hopefully I can release the most of them in 2014. 2013 is also the year when 87 % of all the concerts I did was in the genre of so called Improvised Music. I´ve improvised with horses, kids, Bhuto dancers, circus artists and musicians. I´ve been performing in Sweden, Germany, France and Spain.

So thank you 2013 for everything you gave me and welcome 2014!