Last week, a fun week as well!

Thursday: Session (feb 20th) at Sessions at Robadors at Vintitres Robadors
Johannes Nästesjö – double bass, Ramon Prats  – drums, Tom Chant  – sax,Marco Mezquida  – piano and Mario G. Cortizo  – percussion and electronics.



IMG_1870  IMG_1872

Saturday: impro Conducting session with Ivàn Gonzalez and around 20 more people!

IMG_1878  IMG_1877

Sunday: recording session at esmuc for the movie 10 miles to Bisbee.

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Interesting article

Here is an interesting article about the Jazz/Impro scen in Barcelona:

Robadors 13:02 2014

And here is what they wrote about me (in castellano):

Johannes Nästesjö. Si recuerdo bien, durante todo el primer tema (estamos hablando de temas largos, tal vez de unos 10 minutos cada uno) usa el arco creando capas de sonido en momentos y agresivos chirridos en otros. En otros temas alterna el arco con los dedos, acompañando (o algo más que eso) el conjunto. A mí me parece también que realiza un trabajo impecable. Otro músico a tener en cuenta.



Busy and fun week!






IMG_1860 Discordian Tuesday: Enric Ponsa – drums, Johannes Nästesjö – bass, Owen Kilfeather – guitar, Alfonso Muñoz – sax & El Pricto – sax & Clarinett.

IMG_1861 Sessions at Robadors: Alfonso Muñoz – sax, Johannes Nästesjö – bass, Ramon Prats – drums, Marco Mesquida – piano & Agustì Fernàndez – piano

IMG_1862 IMG_1864 Recording session: Johannes Nästesjö – double bass, Vasco Trilla – drums, El pricto- sax & Toni Mena  guitar

IMG_1866 IMG_1865  Recording session: Johannes Nästesjö – double bass, Ramon Prats: drums & Alfonso Muñoz – saxophone


Busy and fun week!

Empty space

One week ago I´ve received the score for the piece Empty Space, composed by Henrik Denerin for me on double bass and the percussionist Núria Andorrà . It´s in between classical contemporary and improvised music. The concert is on may the fifth at antic teatre, Barcelona. It´s a great challenge for me and I´m looking forward to work hard with it!

Skärmavbild 2014-02-15 kl. 10.00.29 Skärmavbild 2014-02-15 kl. 10.00.29